The Essential Eight: Locking Lumbars

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Locking Lumbars learning objectives.

On completion of this module you will be able to do the following:

  1. Assess and differentiate between shortness and over-stretching in Psoas
  2. Identify portions of Multifidus that are short & tight or over-stretched and weak.
  3. Devise a treatment plan and rehab to address the specific presenting dysfunction in Psoas and Multifidus.

In this presentation we will investigate the impact of Psoas and Multifidus dysfunction on facet function, disc pathology and back pain. Understanding the typical dysfunctional patterns in these important spinal muscles, and how to treat them is the key to quickly unlocking chronic back pain. We take a thorough approach to correcting dysfunction starting with establishing the nature of the clients present dysfunction through assessment, progressing into clear and simple treatment strategies and finally covering individualised home care that is client and condition specific.