Interview with Diane Matkowski

In this video, we chat with Diane Matkowski about her Massage Mentor Institute and Freedom Massage businesses, her recent experience as Erik Dalton’s guest at his annual Oklahoma workshop and the upcoming Hip Jam event! (more…)

Interview with Dave Sheehan

For our ninth episode of Therapists Together we are joined by Dave Sheehan from Australia. Dave is a director of Massage & Myotherapy Australia and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement), Diploma of Health Science (Remedial Massage), Dave has pioneered the use of Myofascial Cupping for the treatment of burn victims in Australia and Tasmania. (more…)

Interview with Erik Dalton

For our eighth episode of Therapists Together we are joined by one of the true superstars of the bodywork profession and a long-time friend & collaborator, Erik Dalton. Erik’s textbooks, eCourses and MMT program are renowned for their quality in innovative presentations. Erik continues to hosts his enormously popular annual Oklahoma and Costa Rica workshops that have made the workshop bucket list of every career therapist. (more…)

Telehealth session with Suki Carpenter

For our seventh episode of Therapists Together we are taking a different approach. Instead of an interview, this video demonstrates a Telehealth session with fellow therapist Suki Carpenter. As the owner of the White Willow clinic in London, Suki has been affected by lockdown in her own business and has also been unable to receive treatment for an ongoing Thoracic outlet / carpal tunnel issue. (more…)

Interview with James Waslaski

The fifth episode in our Therapists Together interview series features James Waslaski. In addition to being an author, James is one of the most travelled presenters in the massage industry, circling the globe to teach over 40 seminars per year. (more…)

Interview with Sue Hitzmann

This video is an interview with Sue Hitzmann, creator of the Melt Method facilitated by Aubrey Gowing. In this interview, Sue describes how the Melt method works and some of the science behind her approach and general health principals. (more…)

Interview with Whitney Lowe

This video is an interview with Whitney Lowe, facilitated by Aubrey Gowing. Whitney is the author of ‘Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy’ and owner of the Academy of Clinical Massage. (more…)

Interview with Anne Williams

This video is an interview with Anne Williams, author of ‘PREVENTING DISEASE TRANSMISSION IN A MASSAGE PRACTICE’ facilitated by Aubrey Gowing. (more…)

Subacromial Impingement

By Aubrey Gowing

Like many intriguing stories this one begins with the reveal. The seemingly innocent bicep is thought of primarily as an arm mover. Indeed its role in elbow flexion rather than shoulder flexion is most responsible for biceps calamitous effect on humeral head position; not the most obvious suspect for shoulder impingement. So keep the bicep in the back of your mind as we discuss the other suspects implicated in shoulder pain. (more…)