The Essential Eight: Tibial Trouble

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Tibial Trouble learning objectives.

On completion of this module you will be able to do the following:

  1. Assess dysfunction or injury in Posterior tibialis
  2. Assess and identify a client presenting with tibial rotation
  3. Devise a treatment plan and specific rehab to address hypertonicity in Posterior tibialis and the short head of Bicep femoris

In this presentation we will examine the role of Posterior tibialis in repetitive ankle sprains, compartment syndrome and ankle mobility and explain how dysfunction in the short head of Bicep femoris is the most likely cause of chronic knee pain. Understanding the typical dysfunctional patterns in these important lower extremity muscles, and how to treat them is the key to quickly unlocking ankle and knee pain. We take a thorough approach to correcting dysfunction starting with establishing the nature of the clients present dysfunction through detailed assessment, progressing into clear and simple treatment strategies that target these specific muscles and finish with individualised home care.