The Essential Eight: 4 Course Bundle


Corrective Manual Therapy micro modules are the perfect way to add significantly to your current skill set in small, easy to assimilate bite-size pieces! This module consists of four individual lessons, with each lesson dealing with two muscles on our list of Essential Eight.

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This series provides the ultimate short cut to achieving outstanding results!

There are predictable modes of efficient movement that we all use every day. Many of the repetitive actions we preform unfortunately lead to overuse and repetitive strain. This is frequently exacerbated by a lack of variety of movement in our current tech obsessed lifestyles. These two factors can become significant contributors to chronic pain. As these issues progress they are compounded by involuntary neurological guarding, altered movement patterns and avoidance behaviours.

Symptom treatment can yield some short lived results, but it’s important in chronic cases to address the cause of our clients pain before we can expect lasting results. The good news is the very predictability of these actions and the resulting dysfunction provides us with a roadmap to the likely cause of our clients chronic pain. In each module we are going to look at two of the most problematic muscles in a specific area of the body.

To understand the mechanics of each of these issues we will explore the underpinning theory, including rationale, cautions and contraindications as relevant. We will then move into targeted assessment of these muscles, focus will move on to treatment techniques for restoring extensibility, tissue texture and optimal tone and we close each module with specific Home Retraining exercises for these select muscles.

This is the roadmap that highlights the most direct routes to success. This Corrective Manual Therapy approach will blend seamlessly with all of your existing, highly effective, favourite techniques across multiple modalities.

Each module is a stand-alone micro course that can be purchased separately or purchased as a bundle and save 25%!!

This module consists of four individual lessons, with each lesson dealing with two muscles on our list of Essential Eight. These are:

  • Tibial Trouble – Tibialis posterior & the short head of Bicep femoris
  • Piriformis Paradox – Piriformis & TFL
  • Locking Lumbars – Psoas & Multifidus
  • Brachial Bother – Anterior scalene & Bicep brachii

We will take in in-depth look at these eight most predictably dysfunctional muscles in the body. These eight muscles have been selected as they also contribute to the greatest variety of musculoskeletal pain conditions in their associated body region. Each module is divided into four topics:

  1. Overview and rationale
  2. Assessment
  3. Treatment
  4. Home retraining

Each topic has a small number of multiple choice quiz questions that you can use to assess your learning before progressing to the next topic.