Terms & Conditions for the Reflexology Course

Terms and Conditions of acceptance of a place on the Reflexology course in Holistic College Dublin.

1. Admission

Admission to the course is subject to the learner meeting the following minimum requirements:

Age: Learners must be a minimum of 17 years old on or before the first day of the course.

Education: The minimum educational standard is Junior Certificate or equivalent. A minimum level of conversational English and written comprehension is also required (IELTS band score of 6 – Competent user).

Health: Learners must be in sufficient health to participate in all aspects of training. If you have any existing medical conditions or health concerns please contact Holistic College Dublin for advice regarding the suitability of the course for you.

The College reserves the right to accept or refuse admission.

2. Course Fees

(a) Booking Deposit: Applicants must pay a booking deposit in order to hold a place on the Diploma Course. If you are unable to take your place the following conditions will apply:

If you wish to transfer your place to the next available course we will discount your new booking by the deposit amount paid.

Cancellations up to 30 days before the first day of the course are refundable less a €100 administration fee.

Cancellations made less than 30 days before the first day of the course will not be eligible for any refund.

(b) Balance of Fees: The balance of course fees is payable on or before the first day of the course. Payments can be made by instalments in accordance with the College payment plan by prior arrangement.

Where a student does not complete the course, no refund of fees will be given.

3. Attendance

Ideally students should attend all sessions. The attendance time is broken down into sessions – depending on the format of the course a session may be an evening, morning or an afternoon class.

Students are permitted to miss up to four sessions and still be eligible to sit the exams.

In exceptional circumstances such as personal illness, for which a doctor’s note must be provided, or bereavement, an allowance of a further two missed sessions may be deemed acceptable, provided the student meets the required level of competency to sit exams. This will be determined by the grade achieved in mock exams held at the end of the course.

Note: If students are late for a session or leave before it is finished they will be marked absent for the whole session.

4. Course Work

In order to sit the exams, students must complete the following required course work on time:

(a) Case Studies: Students are required to do 10 case studies (consisting of 40 treatments of 10 people that receive 4 treatments each) to be eligible to sit their practical exams. Completed case studies must be submitted/uploaded by the date specified by the tutor. No late submissions will be accepted.

Students will not be permitted to sit the exams if any part of the course work is not submitted on time.

5. Examinations

Proposed exam dates are provisional and subject to confirmation by the awarding body.

In exceptional circumstances students may be permitted to reschedule the final exams. Notice in writing must be received eight weeks prior to the final exam otherwise the iTEC exam fee will be forfeited. The rescheduled exam must be completed within one year of the end of the course.

If a student is unsuccessful in an examination they must re-sit within three months of the original examination. A fee will apply.

6. Conduct on the Course

Students must act appropriately at all times whilst in the College. Students must be professional and cordial towards all course participants and strive for inclusivity. Smoking/vaping is prohibited on the premises as is the chewing of gum. Mobile phones must be switched off during class time. Permission must be sought from the tutor prior to the commencement of class to keep a mobile phone switched on if expecting an urgent call.

7. Recording or taking pictures during class

Recording of lectures or demonstrations is strictly prohibited. Still photos may only be taken with the express permission of the tutor and consent from class participants.