Aubrey’s self-treatment options.

In this video, Aubrey presents live at the Canadian Massage Conference options for self-treatment that are invaluable to therapists and clients..

This video features the following;

Skin stretch – Demo on forearm then neck
Pin and stretch platysma. Scalenes. Multifidus (cervical portion)
Active Isolated Stretching for Scalenes & Suboccipitals.
Myofascial release for Bicep, Tricep (inc fascial bag rotation), Forearm flexors and extensors.
AIS for Bicep. Forearm flexors. Finger flexors
Decompress the carpals. Mobilise the phalangeal joints
Fascial floss forearm and upper arm
Demonstrate principals of good working posture
AIS for Multifidus. QL (use wall). Hip flexors.
AIS for the calf muscles using stretch rope
Fascial floss for lower leg and thigh